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                                                  Mark H. Brown, CEC, CCA, AAC

Passionate, driven, and innovative, Chef Mark Brown, CEC, CCA, AAC has developed his art over the past 25 years next to some of the most talented professional chefs of modern times.  Classically apprenticed at the Fort Wayne Country Club, while working beside three masters of their craft, Brown honed time honored traditional cooking skills, while perfecting modern cooking techniques.

Born and raised in the Midwest and living throughout the East Coast, Brown developed a yearning for a more local approach to cooking.  Fresh ingredients and artisanal products have inspired him to extract the best experience from any culinary product.

Brown’s cooking ideology returns to a more simple time. He believes that local food from a farmer that has a stake in the end product, yields higher quality food with more nutrients and flavor.  Fundamental and modern cooking techniques help evolve the cuisine to an art where the simple flavors of "place" are not overpowered by the fads of "now."  Chef Brown’s philosophy of purchasing food locally, yet involving great ingredients from around the world, inspires his passion for the food in front of him and the people around him.

Joining the Oklahoma City Golf & Country Club in January of 2014, Chef Brown believes wholeheartedly in the mission statement he has set for the culinary team to create great cuisine where the flavors and ingredients speak for themselves.  A desire to be the best as a chef, manager, and cook has lead Chef Brown to drive himself and his team to present members and their guests with the best dining experience around.