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Chef Leib was born and raised in Mechanicsburg, PA. He started pursuing his passion for this business at a young age, taking cooking classes when he was 12. During his high school years he worked for “Pleasures of the Palate Catering,” the largest catering business in the state of Pennsylvania.

He graduated from Johnson & Wales University in 2002 and trained at Hotel Hershey while in school. Then, Chef Leib started his own catering business serving the central PA area. Chef Leib then helped open the National Military Park and Museum in Gettysburg, PA, managing its catering program.

From there, he went on to be catering director at Shippensburg University, and was then promoted to production manager of the campus’ largest dining hall, serving close to 4,000 meals a day. Chef Leib brings a great deal of experience to OSUIT as he has been involved in many facets of the food service business.

Since joining OSUIT Chef Leib has developed their modern cuisine classes and has also taught continuing education classes on the subject also. Chef Leib has trained in modern cuisine techniques with some of the best chefs in the United States at these techniques. He has spent time in places like Napa, CA San Francisco, CA Chicago, IL New York City, Providence, RI and Baltimore, MD learning modern techniques.

He has been honing his modern cuisine skills here at OSUIT for the past 6 years. He has shown his students many of these techniques through his modern cuisine class as well as how other cuisines throughout the world use these techniques through his international cuisine class. Chef Leib creates a learning environment that is fun and informative.

He has been active with the ACF since coming to Oklahoma and has attended the ACF National Convention the past 2 years and will be a presenter in 2016 on the topic of cooking with hydrocolloids. Chef Leib feels the ACF is a great resource to all involved in the industry for education, networking, and opportunities.

In addition to the ACF Chef Leib is also very active helping the next generation of culinarians by helping with the Oklahoma state Prostart, FCCLA, and Skills USA competitions. He has also been involved in many charity events throughout Oklahoma.