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Debbie Adams

Debbie Adams is the Food service director/Executive chef at Quail Springs Baptist Church since January 2007.  She feeds around 300 every Wednesday night, caters luncheons and dinners, funerals and purchasing of food for other events.  Before coming to QSBC, she was the Sous chef at Casady School for 12½ years and worked part time at several hotels.

Debbie is an active member of the ACF Culinary Arts Society of Oklahoma and has been the secretary since 2010.  She was chapter president 2004-2006 and served as secretary for eight years before that.  In 2002, she was the chapter’s Chef of the Year.  She graduated from the Francis Tuttle Food Service program in 1991 and has participated in the Chefs Feast since 1992.

Enjoys using her God given talent to bring glory to God!