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Lisa Reid

Lisa began her culinary training at El Centro College in Dallas TX after recognizing an interest in foods through home cooking and appreciation of a variety of television cooking programs.  While she excelled in and thoroughly enjoyed a year of culinary studies, a Registered Dietitian instructor and course in nutrition there were the inspiration for Lisa to pursue training in dietetics.  She graduated from the University of Texas Southwestern School of Allied Health Sciences in 2004 with a BS in Clinical Dietetics.  Lisa returned to El Centro for more culinary training and also began graduate school, pursuing an MS in Food Systems Administration at Texas Woman’s University and graduating in 2012.

As a Dietitian in the US Army Reserve, Lisa took the opportunity to go Active Duty in 2007, where she was the Assistant Chief of Production and Service at Walter Reed Medical Center.  In 2008, she moved to Reynolds Army Community Hospital at Ft Sill to serve as Chief of the Nutrition Care Division.  At FT Sill, she was a member of the team that traveled to compete in the Military Culinary Arts Competetive Training Event at Ft Lee in 2011 and 2012, earning medals for live cooking and cold table events.  In 2012, she moved to Ft Lee to become the dietitian and nutrition instructor at the Joint Culinary Center of Excellence.  In 2013, Lisa left Active Duty and is the Dietitian for the 4204th US Army Hospital.

Lisa enjoys menu development and creating recipes with a nutrition focus, and has won national recipe contests including McCormick’s Flavor My Plate and Kraft’s Healthy Living RDN contests.  She volunteers with Wesley United Methodist Church to support its Mobile Meals and Whiz Kids efforts.  A member of ACF since 2014, she hopes to become certified with the professional goal of making the connection between good nutrition and great flavors, and to share her passion for all to create a healthy food environment.