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The Culinary Arts of Oklahoma (OK032)

DATE: Monday September   
TIME:   6pm                            
LOCATION: Fidler Market                              
PROCEEDED BY: Rob              
MINUTES BY: Allen                             
Pledge of legions: and Quorum

1.  Rob
2.   Don
3.   Mark C.
4.  Tyler
5.  Debbie
6.  Allen
7.  Mark B.

Announcements: and Old Business
·         Minutes read my Allen motion to acceped by rob and 2nd my Mark C.
·         No Treasurers report
·         Guests were Introduced

New Business
·         Rob ask each member to invent 5 people to the next meeting
·         Tyler talked about how the the ACF young chef of Oklahoma is going to look and work.
·         voted on the the ACF young chef of Oklahoma. passed 9-0
·         Tyler and Debbie will be working on sending out a group measge for the meeting.
·         Mark B. will be doing the President meal for 2017
·         Fundraing ideal for the 2017 year, if you have any please email Debbie.
·         New changes have been made in the culinary certification. The changes and other certification can be seen at:
·         Next certification is Noverber 12 at 9 am at platt college.

Motion made to adjourn meeting Rob 2nd by tyler and Passed         

September: Monday the 19th at 6 PM
Fidler Brokerage
216 NE 40TH ST.